in charge.
f. & m.
1 person in charge, man in charge, manager, head clerk.
2 attendant, tender.
past part.
past participle of spanish verb: encargar.
* * *
participio pasado
1→ {{link=encargar}}encargar
1 in charge
nombre masculino,nombre femenino
1 COMERCIO (hombre) manager; (mujer) manageress
2 (empleado) person in charge
encargado,-a de curso EDUCACIÓN tutor
encargado,-a de negocios PLÍTICA chargé d'affaires
* * *
(f. - encargada)
person in charge
* * *
encargado, -a

estar encargado de algo — to be in charge of sth, be responsible for sth

¿puedo hablar con la persona encargada de los impuestos? — can I speak to the person in charge of o responsible for taxes?

la arteria encargada de conducir la sangre — the artery responsible for directing blood flow

SM / F (=responsable) [de tarea, expedición] person in charge; [de tienda, restaurante] manager; [de parque, cementerio] groundkeeper

quisiera hablar con el encargado de las obras — I would like to speak to the person in charge of the building work

él era el encargado de las bebidas — he was in charge of the drinks

el encargado de la librería — the person in charge of the bookshop, the manager of the bookshop

encargado/a de campo — (Dep) groundsman/groundswoman

encargado/a de curso — student representative

encargado/a de la recepción — receptionist

encargado/a de mostrador — counter clerk

encargado/a de negocios — (Pol) chargé d'affaires

encargado/a de obra — site manager

encargado/a de prensa — press officer

encargado/a de relaciones públicas — public relations officer

encargado/a de seguridad — security officer

encargado/a de vestuario — (Teat) wardrobe manager; (Cine, TV) costume designer

* * *
-da adjetivo

encargado de algo/+ inf — responsible for something/-ing, in charge of something/-ing

-da masculino, femenino
a) (de negocio) manager

quiero hablar con el encargado — I'd like to speak to the person in charge o the manager

b) (de tarea)

tú serás el encargado de avisarles — it will be your responsibility to tell them

* * *
-da adjetivo

encargado de algo/+ inf — responsible for something/-ing, in charge of something/-ing

-da masculino, femenino
a) (de negocio) manager

quiero hablar con el encargado — I'd like to speak to the person in charge o the manager

b) (de tarea)

tú serás el encargado de avisarles — it will be your responsibility to tell them

* * *
1 = manager [manageress, -fem.], official, attendant, appointee, housekeeper [house-keeper], minder, business manager, line manager, warden, overseer, person-in-charge.

Ex: Such hosts are more likely to be accessed by end-users such as economists and managers, than information workers.

Ex: See also reference tracings include related headings such as personal and corporate headings for officials, pseudonyms used as uniform headings, etc.
Ex: Other libraries allow bags to be brought in but an attendant is employed to check the contents as the reader leaves the library.
Ex: Upon hearing the favourable appraisal the committee was giving of her, the young appointee swelled with pride.
Ex: A software agent named SiteHelper is designed to act as a housekeeper for the Web server and as a helper for a Web user to find relevant information at a particular site.
Ex: Education for librarianship should concern itself with encouraging self-reliance and sustained questioning rather than training servile machine minders.
Ex: Watman wondered how the profession would react to the idea of a business manager instead of assistant.
Ex: The major advantage is that staff feel able to talk more freely to colleagues than to a line manager.
Ex: Carers and wardens are encouraged to involve themselves in the service.
Ex: At the top of the hierarchy would be the high officials and their families: the vizier, the overseer of the treasury, and the first priest.
Ex: Every fax machine is to be assigned to a person-in-charge who will have the responsibility of distributing incoming fax messages to recipients.
* encargado de anotar los tantos = scorer.
* encargado de buscar a los alumnos que hacen novillos = truant officer.
* encargado de hacer el presupuesto = budgetmaker.
* encargado de la colección = stock editor.
* encargado de la gestión de documentos = record(s) manager.
* encargado de la gestión documental = record(s) manager.
* encargado de la información = intelligence officer.
* encargado de la lista = list moderator.
* encargado del almacén = warehouse keeper, warehouseman [warehousemen, pl.].
* encargado de la máquina de imprimir = machine-minder.
* encargado de las tareas domésticas = housekeeper.
* encargado de la tecnología de la información = information technologist.
* encargado del correo = mail clerk.
* encargado del desarrollo de nuevos productos = product developer.
* encargado de librería = bookstore clerk.
* encargado de llevar a cabo = implementor [implementer].
* encargado de llevar el marcador = scorer.
* encargado de orientar al lector = readers' adviser.
* encargado de personal = personnel officer, welfare officer.
* encargado de poner en práctica = implementor [implementer].
* encargado de prestar los primeros auxilios = first aider.
* encargado de recoger = gatherer.
* encargado de recursos humanos = human resource manager.
* encargado de relaciones públicas = public liaison.
* encargado de seguridad = security officer, security officer.
* encargado de ventas = sales manager.
* encargados = line management.
* encargados, los = people in charge, the.
* joven ayudante del encargado de la máquina de imprimir = machine boy.
* persona encargada de recabar fondos = fundraiser [fund-raiser].

encargado2 (de)
= in charge (of).

Ex: The vice-president in charge of marketing services, Una Feaver, is responsible for media planning and buying, research, and sales promotion.

* bibliotecario encargado de la sección juvenil = young adult librarian.
* dejar a Alguien encargado de Algo = leave in + charge.
* persona encargada de actualizar = maintainer.
* profesor encargado de la biblioteca = teacher-librarian.

* * *
encargado1 -da
encargado DE algo:
la persona encargada de la caja chica the person in charge of o responsible for the petty cash, the person with responsibility for the petty cash
el empleado encargado de recibir a las visitas the member of staff responsible for receiving visitors
encargado2 -da
masculine, feminine
1 (de un negocio) manager
quiero hablar con el encargado I'd like to speak to the person in charge o the manager
(de una tarea): tú serás el encargado de avisarles it will be up to you o it will be your responsibility to tell them, you will be responsible for telling them
el encargado de las obras de restauración the person in charge of the restoration work, the director of the restoration work
encargado/encargada de negocios
masculine, feminine chargé d'affaires
encargado/encargada de seguridad
masculine, feminine safety officer
* * *


Del verbo encargar: (conjugate encargar)

encargado es:

el participio

Multiple Entries:
-da adjetivo encargado de algo/hacer algo responsible for sth/doing sth, in charge of sth/doing sth

■ sustantivo masculino, femenino
a) (de negocio) manager, person in charge

b) (de tarea):

tú serás el encargado de avisarles it will be your responsibility to tell them

encargar (conjugate encargar) verbo transitivo
a) encargadole algo a algn ‹tarea› to entrust sb with sth;

me encargó una botella de whisky escocés she asked me to buy o get her a bottle of Scotch

b) encargado a algn que haga algo to ask sb to do sth

2mueble/paella/libroto order;
informe/cuadroto commission
encargarse verbo pronominal encargadose de algo/algn to take care of sth/sb;
me tuve que encargado del asunto I had to take charge of the matter

I sustantivo masculino y femenino
1 Com manager
2 (responsable) person in charge: Juan es el encargado de vigilarnos, Juan is the person in charge of our security
II adjetivo in charge
encargar verbo transitivo
1 (encomendar) to entrust: su madre le encargó que cuidara de sus hermanos, her mother entrusted her with the care of her brothers
2 Com (solicitar mercancías) to order: encargaremos una pizza, we'll order a pizza
(un servicio) to commission: ¿por qué no se lo encargas a ellos?, why don't you commission it from them?

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* * *
encargado, -a
responsible (de for), in charge (de of);
está encargado de cerrar la oficina he's responsible for locking up the office, it's his job to lock up the office
[responsable] [de tarea, trabajo] person in charge; [de tienda, negocio] manager, f manageress;
él es el encargado de hacer las camas he's responsible for making the beds, it's his job to make the beds;
póngame con el encargado can I speak to the person in charge, please?
encargado de negocios chargé d'affaires
* * *
I adj in charge (de of), responsible (de for)
II m, encargada f
1 person in charge
2 de negocio manager
* * *
encargado, -da adj
: in charge
encargado, -da n
: manager, person in charge
* * *
encargado n manager / person in charge
quisiera hablar con el encargado I want to speak to the manager

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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